What Our Clients Say

"a deep knowledge of Marketing Planning and Project Management... shows true passion for Marketing and how it can be used to achieve business benefit"

- Product Performance Manager, RBS

"...consistently professional... and works to high personal standards... offers many strengths commercially... is able to see the bigger picture whilst ensuring tasks are completed to a high standard and consistently delivering great results"

- Managing Director, P&P, British Council

"...knows how to get the best out of people... excellent at taking the lead in coming up with innovative ideas. The results were contemporary, stylish images"

- Managing Director of ADLP Ltd

"highly dynamic... with both a strong technical competence...[and] exhibits creativity and passion in the areas of management and leadership of groups... in creative and strategic thinking"

- Head of HR, VisitScotland

"passionate about marketing, diligent in supporting delegates and gets great results"

- Chairman, Cambridge Marketing College

"worked closely with the sales team & CEO on marketing and business development... forged good working relationships with other companies working in the sector and was instrumental in setting up a trade body promoting eLearning in Scotland... tracked down and build up relationships with potential clients in the UK and continental Europe & took the time to understand our own business and customer requirements... was an important member of the team and well liked by all in the company"

- Technical Director, MultiVerse Ltd

"coordinated the activities across many business units including sourcing, production planning, and engineering to ensure the key program milestones were achieved... was instrumental in negotiating with our outside software developers on key deliverables as well as managing the on time delivery of their software executables that ran on our phones. During a time when Motorola could be a very chaotic and frantic place to work... was a stabilizing force that worked through the barriers to keep the projects moving forward"

- Director of Mobile eCommerce, Motorola